Q. If this is a choice between badgers suffering and cows suffering, then how do you justify saving badgers to the detriment of cows?

A. We believe that the public have been falsely presented with the choice between killing badgers and cows suffering. Killing badgers will not solve the problem of TB in cattle.  

We are of course concerned deeply with the welfare of cows and remain committed to a long term solution  to tackling the welfare issues associated with bTB infection in cattle. However, we must point out that only a tiny minority of cattle who are killed upon a reaction to the bTB test show any clinical signs of the disease and do not suffer as a result of bTB. In reality vastly more dairy cattle in the UK suffer significant pain and discomfort from lameness and mastitis every year, with large numbers also being culled as a result of these common conditions. 

To say the group is more concerned with saving badgers, to the detriment of the welfare of dairy cows is a flawed accusation.